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The Payroll system performs the functions needed to process payroll, staff loan, personal tax computation and maintain employee information. It is designed to produce many reports and gives screen information on employee information.


Larona Accounting system is designed in several modules that run independently and integrated connected in structured information. The information within system will convey thru modules and manage by setup tables.

Integrity Check

This facility will check data validity based on relation between master and transaction and proper system setup as well. The output report will help user to find out their problems and make some correction, this is a help for self troubleshooting.

Mix Tax System

Larona provides a mixed tax system to handle different tax systems among components. For example: salary = gross & bonus = nett.

User Design Report

This Feature can help user to develop their specific reports and bounded in the system.

Tax Calculation

Permits tax computation with three methods, net (gross-up), gross or gross = net, can be set individually to each employee. In a company can have employee with net base, other with gross base or gross = net.

Online System

Larona system can be accessed anywhere by simply requiring internet. Because larona is already an online based system.

User Friendly

This system is easy to learn and easy to understand for newest user.


Larona system can be updated if there is a change to the system. Updates can be done manually (desktop based) and can be done automatically (cloud system).


Larona has a high level of security, such as: no script allowed, certificate check, telkomsigma SLA 99%, encrypt data nominal, SSL certified by comodo.