Larona Accounting System


  1. The system designed in a modular and independently integrated, so that each module can stand on its own and implementation can be done step by step easily.
  2. System design can be arranged according to the scale of the business start from simple to large and complicated.
  3. With the basic design of annual finance (fiscal) can be organized according to business development.
  4. Multi-currency financial system to facilitate transactions in various currencies.
  5. Data integrity check, This facility is self troubleshooter, The system will check the data condition and will give warning or error message that will be understood easily by Operator
  6. Detailed user authorization for organize the use of features in the system.
  7. System Log will record all changes to transaction data and master transactions on the system. Log files are designed to make it easier for the Operator to do the troubleshooting system.


Features of Larona Accounting System


General Ledger.
Cash Bank.
Accounts Receivable.
Accounts Payable.
Sales Administration.
Point of Sale.
Purchase Administration.
Inventory Control & Costing.
Production Control & Costing.