Features of Larona Payroll System


Parameterised set-up :

  1. User defined payroll components, such as basic salary, allowances etc.
  2. Tax Calculation Parameter, which allow user to set tax ranges following government set up changes.
  3. Table for department, position, level, etc.
  4. Default payroll for new employee per payroll group.
  5. Multi currency payroll.
  6. Mix Tax System
  7. Many other parameters that make implementation can be adjusted to suit user requirements.

Human Resource System modules are:

  1. Employee Master and Payroll, provided with List of relatives, education, promotions, etc.
  2. Time Record System, provides employee daily time record entry, supported with working time table which describe multiple working hours.
  3. Employee Loan, a Provided with interest calculation which consists of reducing balance (effective) rate, fixed rate or fixed amount.
    b Out standing employee loan, shows Employee Accounts Receivable report.
  4. Additional /non regular Payroll.
  5. Personal Records, can be designed/set as required, in qty or value, quote and movement. Such as regular leave, 5th year leave, medical, etc.
  6. Education and Evaluation history could be used to help appraisal.



Permits tax computation with three methods, net (gross-up), gross or gross = net, can be set individually to each employee. In a company can have employee with net base, other with gross base or gross = net.



  1. Payroll Tax Calculation report and its slip. This slip is used to understand how income tax is calculated.
  2. Provides print out of original documents such as payroll slips.
  3. Provides payroll report that can be sent to company's banker in case of payroll payment through the bank.
  4. Provides bank transfer instruction in soft copy.
  5. Denominator reports to determine denominators needed.
  6. Payroll components report.
  7. Comparative report, which shows you the differences between current and last period salary to ease control of data changes /entries.
  8. Provides user defined report, to produce many other user report requirements.


Data upload

To help inputting data, system provides the facility to upload data thru csv or excel files. Almost all of data can be uploaded using simple format files, and progress report to make sure the uploading process is correct.



Provides automatic journal entry for general ledger system in summary form.


Annual Tax Calculation (SPT).


  1. Provides employee annual tax calculation reports (SPT) based on last year periodic calculation, etc.
  2. Last Year Payroll maintenance.
  3. Year End Payroll, to incorporated employee benefits into his income tax.
  4. Provide user defined report to be used as working paper to check and review SPT entries.
  5. Provide printing Government report such as:1721A and 1721A1.


System's Security

It’s important to secure the access to information system. LARONA provides this facility through password program in which rights and authorization of each user can be assigned depending on company's requirement.


System Maintenance and Check


  1. Reindex, compact.
  2. Data Integrity Check. This facility will check data validity based on relation between master and transaction and proper system setup as well. The output report will help user to find out their problems and make some correction, this is a help for self troubleshooting.


User’s system development.

Larona user defined report, can help user to develop their specific reports and bounded in the system.