Payroll services

Payroll services are Payroll Outsourcing services where employee payroll reports, salary, time attendance, online SIPP, medical management, leave management, loan and PPh 21 employees. With Larona's payroll system we can provide payroll services for companies with thousands of employees and a complex payroll system.

Payroll Services is processing and reporting:

  1. Employee and Salary Data
  2. Time Attendance
  3. Loan management
  4. SIPP Online
  5. Income Tax 21
  6. Medical and leave management
  7. employee self-service

Benefits of payroll services:

  1. Accurate = Accuracy of salary calculation, PPh 21 and dues BPJS.
  2. Flexible = form and composition of salary and tax reports can be tailored to the needs of companies and government regulations.
  3. Easy = Freeing company from and making report of salary, tax and BPJS.
  4. Fast = can be processed quickly because it uses Larona payroll system.
  5. Maintain data confidentiality = only certain internal employees who know the salary data due to the salary process by a third party.
  6. Efficient = the company can improve the quality and productivity because non-core activities-business is done by other companies.
  7. Efficient = Company can reduce the cost of staffing and unnecessary.

Payroll Flow Service:

  1. Receive data absent from clients per week
  2. The process of absent data and email attendance warning report to the manager as an evaluation of employee attendance
  3. Client input personal data new employee and date resign employees resign diweb our payroll program
  4. Receive employee data and payroll data from the client
  5. Validation and confirmation of data
  6. Payroll calculation process and Income Tax 21
  7. Email payroll report to the client
  8. Review process by client
  9. Client confirmation of review results
  10. Perform data repair
  11. Email back payroll report to the client
  12. Email report soft transfer bank transfer
  13. Email payslip to each employee
  14. eSPT process and PPh 21 confirmation to be paid
  15. Online SIPP process and send report and confirmation to be paid
  16. NTPN PPh 21 and efilling process
  17. Email report PPh 21 and proof of repor
  18. Done